London Itineraries

London Itineraries

These are just SUGGESTIONS – Why not make up your own Tour! …Or ASK ME! Start at 09:00 or 13:30, other times? Please ask me!

All Taxi Tours for up to 5 Adults. (2 x Children under 10 count as 1 ) so! 1 adult and up to 8 children under 10 …..Yes! Really!


Starting from £249

Go as you please with me as your Guide!
4 Hours: £249.00
To Heathrow: add £50.oo to any Taxi Zig-Zag tour and finish at a Heathrow.
From Heathrow: add £65.oo to any Taxi Zig-Zag tour and be met and start your tour at Heathrow, finishing in London.

London Taxi High Lights

Starting from 4 hours £249,  3 hours, £199

See, photograph and hear the stories at some (or ALL*) of London’ Famous Landmarks for example…Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Parliament Sq, Trafalgar Sq, Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace, Clarence House, Horseguards Parade, St Paul’s Cathedral, Piccadilly Circus, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Downing Street, River Thames…….and More. (*See all of the above on the 8 hour tour)
Starting in Central London
4 Hours: £249.00
To Heathrow: add £40.oo to any Taxi High Light tour and finish at a Heathrow.
From Heathrow: add £59.oo to any Taxi High Light tour and be met and start your tour at Heathrow, finishing in London.

4 hour, in depth, Taxi Tours, each £249.oo Door-to-Door

Starting from £249

The Beatles in London

The Beatles in London tour, see where Paul first met Linda, where Ringo shared a place with Jimmy Hendrix. The last flat that they all shared together, be photographed outside the Abbey Road Studios and walk over the Zebra Crossing at Abbey Rd! pass The Old Apple Store… be photographed outside Where Paul wrote YESTERDAY and stand befor the Office where they played their last Gig on the roof-top and more.

Greenwich and Royal Observatory

Stand with one foot in the “East” and one foot in the “West”….see where time is measured from, where the first “Astronomer Royal “ worked….follow the story of the search for “Longtitude”(Museun Charge) gaze across where the site of Olympic Equestrian Arena was… see the fast Tea Clipper “Cutty Sark” or pay, and go on board… and, if time permits, admire the “Painted Hall” and “Chapel” inside the Old Seaman’s Hospital.

Harry Potter in London

Watch the excerpts on DVD and be photographed right where they filmed.” The Leaky Caldron”, the entrance to The Ministry of Magic… Cross the Bridge Destroyed in “The Half Blood Prince” stand where the “Night Bus” squeezed between two London Red Buses… go right where the Night bus drops Harry off! Follow the broom-stick flight along the River Thames… where Harry sets off to shopping with Hagrid… and where the station was transformed into “Platform 9 and ¾ (Limited Access)’… and more.

Charles Dickens in London

See some of The London of Charles Dickens….walk through “Grays Inn”, where he worked as an office boy, be photographed outside the “Old Curiosity Shop”… skip down “ Nancy’s Steps” pass,or have lunch, in the Oldest Restaurant in London, where Dickens frequented… Stand by the walls of the Marshallsea prison…gaze up at the Clock and Legendry Giants who’s striking awoke “Mr Scrooge” in “A Christmas Carol”… and more.

Starting from £199 to £349

London Taxi in depth

7-8 hours By London Taxi, for up-to-5 (As High Lights, Above, but going inside one or two of London’s world famous Land marks,( .e.g. Tower of London… Westminster Abbey… or St Paul’s Cathedral)… or Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace… All fully accompanied by me as your fully accredited Blue Badge Taxi Guide!
£349.oo… Plus Your entry Tickets extra… I go Free.
Add £40.00 to any London 7-8 hour Tour and finish at Heathrow.
Add £59.00 to any London 7-8 Tour and start at Heathrow.

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